All our frequently asked questions are here. If there is something you need to know outside of the list below feel free to contact us so we can help you with any quires you have.

Web design
How long does it take for a website to be completed?

Typically we can build a standard website in about 3 weeks. But if content and feedback required from the client is not recieved in the needed time frame this can hold up the process. For larger or e-commerce websites this takes longer.

Do we build from scratch or use a template?

No we don’t use a template we build a website from scratch and shape it suit your business and give it a feel based on your logo and colours to project true to your business.

Can I login into our website and update ourselves.

Yes this is a option if you wish. If you require this we can provide with you a login to edit certain parts of the website. Using  WYSIWYG stands for “what you see is what you get” web editing tools allow you to edit cetain parts of the wesbite. This does not include the design or structure of the website but just some parts of the content. We find though most of our clients prefer us to to make the changes as it is easier for us and quicker and you don’t have to learn new software. We have affordable plansso you can edit or update your website as often as you need.

Web hosting
Can I provide my own web hosting?

We make it policy here at Hivebytes to only use our web hosting servers with our clients. The reason for this is we have found in the past when working with other web hosting that is not always the same can cause problems to build a website to high standard. It also allows us to help and managed your website and hosting much easier with alot less headache to everyone all round.

Do we sell web hosting on its own?

No typically we don’t the reason for this is we like to managed all the websites on our web hosting servers this keeps our servers performing at optimal performance.

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